about us

Christoph Groß

Digitization consultant, multiple book author

Klaus Groß

Business Psychologist

The background

Christoph has been working successfully as a digitization consultant in his own consulting company since 2005. There he has supported > 65 projects in software selection, implementation and co. (www.der-digitalisierungsberater.de)

He can now draw on > 35 years of experience in IT sales and implementation as well as in digitization consulting in >20 countries.

One result so far have been 3 technical books, published by Springer Verlag.

2017 – Professional software selection and implementation in logistics.
2018 – Presenting software perfectly in workshops
2019 – Digitalization in industry, trade and logistics (540 pages).

The most recent book has already been downloaded > 215,000 times

The idea

When comparing hundreds of offers in tenders, Christoph always had to struggle with poor documentation communication.

  • Masses of e-mails with attachments in any format
  • Files by e-mail, “zipped” with programs we could not open
  • Dozens of files with cryptic names from which we often did not know what the content was.
  • No version management, you were never sure if the file with the same name was the newest one and nothing had changed
  • Information that was only sent to some, but not all project participants
    and so on

This is frustrating, inefficient, and ultimately leads to mistakes that mostly hurt the customer.

There was no central place where you could be sure that you were always up to date and that the whole thing was presented in a modern way that was easy to use for everyone.

One longs for the good old folder back.

But how does that work with updates? What is files? And videos can hardly be stored there. So again links to a Dropbox® (data mass grave) or even USB sticks (but only a few, because they are expensive).

Then THE IDEA: Why not create a digital folder®!

The realization

Together with Klaus Groß, designers and developers, the project was launched in 2019.

With the participation of experts and users from various companies, the basis for the current version of the solution was developed and further developed over various versions.

In the process, we placed the highest value on the following areas:

  • UI/UX Desgin (User Interface/User Experience) – intuitive operation.
  • Responsive Design – accessible from anywhere and any internet browser (WIN, iOS, Android)
  • State-of-the-art technologies and tools – from development to payment processing
  • Cloud solution – register and get started – developed and hosted in Germany
  • Many comfort functions – quickly get to the result and avoid mistakes
  • Universally usable – a solution for every communication need
    and much more.

The result

You can see here with the digital folder®. We hope that you are as enthusiastic as all our customers and partners.

Look forward: to regular innovations and improvements to further enhance your customers’ experience when receiving a digital folder®. We have a lot on our development plan!